Brings People Together was started by the many friends of Jacob Schlichter back in 2019.

The collective wanted to start a foundation that’d focus on a multitude of community-focused projects that all would bring the community together and help them feel prouder and more involved with their city, culture, heritage, community, etc. As of now, they’re not a 501 (3) C but just a group of friends trying to improve their community. They hope to find the right mentorship to guide them down that path in the future! (If you think that you’re the right person then please reach out.)

Continuing on, the general thought was that if the community looked nicer, had cooler things, and had more recreational activities that that’d really help the citizens feel a stronger emotional connection to their surroundings. Meaning they’d be more prone to taking care of their community and each other.

If you vibe with their ideals then please feel free to reach out!